Meet Anna

Anna Szafranski Jefferson is a ceramic artist in Midland, Michigan. She graduated from Central Michigan University in May 2012 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design. Growing up art was always more of a hobby for Anna, and never something she thought would become a passion, or that it would someday be something she wanted to pursue for the rest of her life. 

While working towards a degree in graphic design, Anna unexpectedly stumbled into the amazing world of ceramics, and she has officially had her hands in clay for over 12 years. The moment after her first attempt at throwing a pot on the pottery wheel she knew she was hooked. The initial struggle it presented challenged and pushed her in a direction she never saw coming, and there was no going back. It is clay’s versatility that continues to attract Anna because of all the possibilities that it possesses, but she is most interested in making utilitarian pieces that function in our daily life. Anna enjoys making objects that can be held, touched, used and enjoyed, and she is intrigued with how the different forms and shapes function in a variety of ways and how those factors alter peoples’ interaction, or reaction, to them.