Collection: Atmospheric Work

A collection of pieces fired in an atmospheric kiln, either a wood kiln or a soda kiln. The wood fire process consists of firing the outdoor kiln up to 95 hours with a team working together to consistently fuel the kiln to reach temperature (~ 2300
*F). To keep the kiln going, it needs to be stoked with wood every 10-20 minutes or whenever the kiln needs more wood. The natural ash glaze is achieved from the wood ash flying throughout the kiln and collecting on the pieces, sometimes creating a nice juicy (drippy) look. Each piece that comes out of the kiln is unique and one of a kind. 

The soda fire is different in that it's fired with gas, and at a certain point during the firing a soda ash (baking soda) and water mixture is sprayed into the kiln. The soda vaporizes and reacts with the pieces in the kiln to create a new unique glaze.